SMC: Grey & Black

grey denim
Possibly for a rainy day…grey seems to suit that…perfectly paired with a great book.

What I love can be a filter…

I love Jesus – and I show Him that via obedience…it acts as a filter on behaviors that might otherwise escalate.  If I love Him, I will or won’t do certain things.

My actions prove what I say.

I want to shop less…and I’ve not been doing so good at it.  Perhaps considering what I love…and coming up with another hierarchy to filter things through…

  • what I love for each season
  • with less money – what wouldn’t I buy
  • what is most suitable to my lifestyle…coloring…
  • is this thing that I simply must have just a passing mood…
  • is it worth the investment [cost/wear, etc.]
  • are there limitations on when I can wear it
  • does it go with what I own [3 things is too easy, but 10 things seems too high – what is my number????]

I have to think through the myriad of random things that spark purchases…because that which I love, I keep…I’ve gotten better with scrutinizing return policies and customer reviews…I guess it is a process…


  • knowing which stores fit well and offer reasonable quality [esp for go-to items]
  • knowing the styles that work and those that never do
  • knowing the colors that work and those that never do
  • knowing which things merit more spending [shoes, bags and work horses]
  • knowing I find dresses make the easiest and best outfits
  • being mindful about promptly trying things and making needful returns

Known & Loved

  • studs [on boots, bags and jackets]
  • moto  – mainly toppers
  • stretchy jeans
  • cozy materials that don’t pill
  • boho like Free People
  • baubles – G A R I S H ones
  • great boots…prissy AND rugged
  • minimal sandals
  • stylish non-gym sneaks

TBD [to be done]

  • determine seasonal faves
  • determine where current pieces fit in an overall strategy
  • determine which seasons will require more to be spent
  • determine and practice how to implement trends
  • formulate seasonal spending plans [with a max$]
  • spend time analyzing the what/why of what I pick…and what elicits strong but temporary interest

Lots to think about…


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