SMC: Express Dresses

_express again
Well….coupons & shopping go together!

Express can be good for versatile dresses…if they fit…I’ve a a similar style, sans ruffles, in cobalt and black/white…I kinda feel excessive, but:

  • black dresses are always needful
  • that yellow is siren singing to my soul
  • and olive is almost a neutral and will go well with these [in the cocoa kid suede]
  • black button ups are always a good idea
  • red is always a good idea for Infant

I think these will be the same…we shall see.

_night out
That may  not happen now…

Mothering happens…schedules change…fun events for me get cancelled 😐

And I was gonna be cute!  :\

Time to get serious…

New fitness programming…injury friendly…better diet…better spending planning.

I think for Summer 2017 I’m going to try to create a plan…and set a budget…and refine the process and do this each season…maybe plan…IDK…how do I even start?

hashtag exp dresses
Kinda planned…but not well…saw, wanted, thought for a bit, then got!  The purse -> wish list item!

What goes into planning for a whole season…and putting a budget on it?

In some magazine they would do budgets for different women of different amounts…it was neat…and now I don’t recall the magazine or how often they did it lol…but it had what they wanted, and maybe what they’d leverage from their current closet?

Research this new thing to do!

Trial and error shopping, as it has been of late, may not be the way to go…

The fear of restriction is real…to commit that fully and buy no more…

Maybe a fast going into it?  But for how long?  😮

Gonna need God a lot for this…A LOT.


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