SMC: Camo & Lace

camo and lace

Some things I love:

  1. camo
  2. lace
  3. leopard
  4. studs
  5. pinks
  6. greens
  7. metallic hues
  8. reading – A Court of Wings and Ruin is the bomb 🙂
  9. how ankle jeans are a good length for me
  10. being short
  11. getting ready quickly

I am curious though if I’ll always love camo – or is it just a passing thing…will I love it like studs and leopard?  I would so hate to be trendy…I like stuff, but I hope to not be driven by mad and mindless pursuit of what other people deem the thing.

If not…I snatched them up for a song, so no real loss if I don’t!  I wouldn’t mind a camo utility jacket…that sounds fun!


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