Studded Heels



The obvious choice for the shoes is Sunday Finery…but I’d like to try them with jeans…like here.

I hate that I don’t immediately wear things when they arrive…I need to do better 🙂

Five Outfits to Start

  1. super destroyed jeans, white tee, blush studded heels, silver chain mail necklace
  2. black CK moto dress, black studded heels, gold chain mail necklace
  3. olive camo jeggings, ivory top, tan studded heels, gold bracelet and earrings
  4. black RL jumpsuit, black studded heels, long gold layered necklace
  5. black jeans, black top, tan studded heels – or blush, appropriate necklace
  6. black Wayf dress, black studded heels, gold statement earrings

Normal doable outfits…but what if I stepped outside my comfort zone?  That takes some thinking [bolded are wish list items!].

  • band tee, black jeans, black studded heel
  • ivory cami, tan shorts, blush studded heel
  • boxy white hi-lo button up, pencil skirt, blush studded heel – or tan

If I ever must have a suit…I hate suits…but if there is a compelling reason to bother with having one:

  • black suit, black studded heels
  • ivory suit, blush studded heels
  • notice no suit is bolded…I do not want one…however, I am sure a day is coming when one is required 😐

Studs are my fave…and as M just reminded me, so is leopard.  If I could sing or play and had a band it would be Studs & Leopard…or Leopard Studs…or Stud Leopard!

At any rate, Infant says I’m extra, and maybe I am…


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