SFI #1

inf jns
Best jeans I’ve found are from Express.

New age…new school…new things…c’est la vie…

Shopping for Infant

So Far

  • jeans
  • v-necks, long-sleeved

Still To Do

  • more tops
  • more jeans…maybe 3-ish pairs?
  • dresses with tolerable hem lines 🙂
  • sneaks

It’s easy to be excessive for my bambina…seriously easy.  Reality checks:

  • current jeans will still be in good repair because Express makes some BOMB jeans – especially for those whose thighs don’t touch lol
  • I don’t have to do it all at once…piece-meal is fine…ETA is August
  • school fees will suck
  • braces

Shopping for Us

  • Ford Explorer – Limited or Sport
  • Saving!
  • Healthy foods…
  • Trips…

There is always something to buy.

Other Thoughts

  • Reducing my carbon footprint
  • Cutting back on CRAP in and for my food
  • Infant’s training
    • I’m starting to get in my feelings about how much time is left before college 😐
  • More moving around
  • Improving my jogging

Summer should be fun…


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