…chance favors only the prepared mind.

–Louis Pasteur

SMC: Outfit Planning

For me, great outfits rarely happen without thought beforehand…and backups in case my outfits are better in theory than practice.

Dresses are my summer/spring staple…change the shoe and baubles for a new look.

I love that cognac/luggage/saddle/tan goes well with pretty much anything…I also love studs…winner, winner, chicken dinner.

dress + shoe + simple makeup + statement bauble = cute but easy outfit

Shopping [outside my closet, LOL – SOMC]

I get an Express coupon…and I start plotting…what is on my list…what about Infant’s list?  As for Infant’s – about 10 pairs of jeans and as many tops and dresses.

With each shipment, you get a coupon, so I plot and plan often!

But this is great because Infant’s list is insane…but I get it…new school, new look…new year, new clothes…

I need nothing…so I try to shop for wants only when it’s a deal or a love-of-my-life kind of thing…so in prep for coupons, sales and the like, I have a mental draft of what I would acquire if the price were right…in this case:

  • items from Infant’s list –  here and here
  • shades that look like some Dolce & Gabbana ones I want but haven’t found at the right price/color/size – here [both options lol – BOGO!]
  • a dress – love this pink
  • socks so I can get the better discount…needful but mundane

Case in point…I saw the glasses in the mall…and they fit well [being that they are men’s either I have a HUGE head or they are poorly sized for dude faces…] but waited for a coupon!  [a win for me as they are exactly what I’ve been wanting for less!]

Why spend more?

That money is just as good in my pocket…or buying something else!

11 Things for the Next Coupon/Deal

  1. items from Infant’s list…loads…more than 11 for sure!
  2. black Coach sneaks like my chalk colored ones
  3. SUV 🙂
  4. Mary Kay skin care and gloss
  5. leather moto
  6. sweat wicking headbands
  7. delicate earrings
  8. delicate everyday necklace
  9. fit gear and gym shoes
  10. minimal sandal in a bold color
  11. rain repelling coat

Always something to want…

–me 🙂


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