simple dresses
Simplicity is also the key to getting ready quickly!

Less time to get ready means more time to do other stuff…more needful or exciting things.  More importantly, it means less stress.  Outfit stress when short on time is the worst stress and sets a bad tone for the day.

I don’t think I’ll ever be truly minimalist…but I do favor duplicates of the same thing – that’s the same right?  Just kidding.

I’m not really good at shopping with the capsule mindset either…opting instead to be sure I can make three outfits.  I’ll worry about capsules when it’s time to travel…but a mostly neutral palette lends itself to lots of mixing and matching anyway.

Some duplicates are okay…

  • basics, i.e. jeans and tees
  • accessories, different colors of course
  • foundation garments

In short, high usage items are great candidates for duplication.

Some are not…

  • trendy items
  • garish colors – a little goes a LOOOOOOONG way
  • prints

That is -> anything infrequently worn needs no duplication – whatsoever.

Minimalism of the infrequently worn!  CHECK!

The temptation, however, is to have too  many duplicates…it’s a fine line for me – just which items warrant the excess?


This is the first factor…how well does it fit…is it a thing where finding a great fit is usually challenging?  A great dark pair of jeans would warrant buying a spare if possible…great jeans are the unicorns of fashion for me.


How well is it made?  How does the balance with price?  Is it so cheap that buying several is needed?  Or is it made so well that a spare isn’t required?


The longevity style wise is important.  I’ll always need great tees.  Trends, not so much. Then there is the way style evolves…20-something me is different from 30-something me…I wonder though, will the difference between me now and the 40 or 50-something me be that much?

Why think through this?  

It’s an alternative to shopping…it is applying strategy before impulses can kick in…decide what you will do before you are tempted or in the situation!

I like to ponder these things often…re-calibrate based on new lessons learned.

I think, therefore I shop…less!


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