Shopping: Hobby & More

TOG Quote 2
No clue where I saved this from BUT…thank you for your awesome taste in books and book quotes!  Celaena/Ellentya/Aelin is a fave!

I’m not sure if I shop less…but my criteria surely does limit.

Need, want, fit, flatter, and price are all equal!

No compromise unless it is required attire for an event…and even then…is compromise ever truly necessary?!  No…not from what I’ve seen in my years on this planet.

I think, therefore I am.

I shop, because I can.


11 Reflections About Shopping:

  1. I love it!
  2. It’s entertainment in boring towns…
  3. It’s a way to cope until you get it together…
  4. It’s a hobby if you do it right 🙂
  5. It’s a job – well controlling it is…
  6. It’s at the point where trying new brands is annoying and discouraging.
  7. Accessories are my fave…shoes, bags and baubles…
  8. It’s fun to do alone…
  9. Even more fun to do with family and friends…
  10. It’s easiest when done online!
  11. It seems unending…there is always something more to buy…especially with consumables!

It’s #3 that I’m pondering lately…

I know some people spin out of control and use retail therapy as an excuse…but…I am growth-oriented and bible-believing…as I shop to take the edge off (and enjoy myself lol because it is fun)…I also seek God, hence the until you get it together

It’s also a fun distraction hobby…spend effort to look the part while working on the rest…crafting your look…that is one narrative that can be completely, or very nearly, controlled.

It is far easier to self-correct when you’re happy with how you look…maybe there is still weight to lose or hair to transition [growing it back out is a trial for sure] but looking the best in each moment has always been helpful to me…one less thing to overthink…never overdressed or over-educated as far as I am concerned…

I miss Infant, I shop.

Then I reach for my favorite devotional book of the moment…there are so many great ones…but this and this…hands down faves!

I face a horrible foe, emotion, or trial, I shop.

Then I think about Whose I am…His promises…reach for my bible…maybe even that devo book again.

I find books to work on my attitude toward the foe [after I’ve calmed down a bit, as I do give myself a private moment to feel what I feel if you know what I mean 🙂 ].

As Jack Sparrow said,

“The problem is not the problem.  The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

Yes, it usually is!

  • So how do you fix an attitude when the foe/problem really warrants the attitude?
  • How do you do battle, because that is what a foe requires, and still walk in the spirit?

Answers can only be found, at least for me, in the bible…trustworthy answers at least…that is why I go there.

It’s also key to remember that if it happens, He allowed it…why?

His glory and my good…sometimes this is the only peace I’ll be having until later…

And then there is the difference between His thoughts/ways and mine [here]…I may  never get it…but learning to cope well is key.

Trust while coping well.

Seek Him and maybe shop a little too!


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