Kinda SMC: Tops

got and want
#express 🙂

The easiest outfits are dresses…just add shoes and baubles and I’m done.

However, dresses don’t always make sense…like at sporting events, when it’s windy and you have no relief from it, etc.

The next best stem from a single great item that is also versatile.  A great top or some fun pants.  I’m careful with fun pants…I don’t like the emphasis on that half.

I tend toward very basic tops and lean on my baubles for interest…interest that can border on being a bit [or more] garish.

SO – as of now I have 4 out of the 5 now…I need to see if I can find the black hi-lo button up locally. [bottom left]..I don’t have high hopes but…I’ll try.  I’ve coupons and it will give me time to get more from Infant’s list!

If you like it, get several, right?  Right!!!

Outfit Brainstorming

  • Vintage Pink
    • light jeggings
    • black Sloan pants
    • colors
      • pale neutrals
      • shades of grey
      • black
      • denim shades
      • olive
    • First outfit to try – I think I’d like it against some super destroyed denim?
  • Pitch Black
    • dark camo pants
    • dark jeggings
    • black Sloan pants
    • colors
      • any
    • First outfit to try – all black
  • Soft Ivory
    • light camo pants
    • olive camo pants
    • any jeggings
    • floral Sloan pants
    • colors
      • any – save white
    •  First outfit to try – olive camo pants and blush heels…or blush flats…
  • Items I would pair, if I had them 🙂
    • pencil skirt

I don’t have a variety of bottoms…it’s pretty much jeggings, a few pairs of trousers I don’t love, and even fewer skirts.  There are some shorts…but good grief – extra LBs and the need of a tan mean I’ve at least a month before trotting around in any of those.  In a word -> redundant.

Perhaps this is the new light bulb moment…how many bottoms are needed?

Another unrelated light bulb moment…I don’t like adornments or details by my hips 😐  I need want to find some dark camo pants to replace my current ones…I hate the zippers.

And yet, I can’t bring myself to dispatch them…

And yet…I’ll see something similar that has zippers or some other adornment and instantly fall in love.  C’est la vie.

Perhaps it is a deep fear of being completely redundant in outfits?

IDK, whatever it is – I’m stoked about the new outfits via these tops…I used to think I liked simple tops…but I think simple was the wrong word…quiet would have been a better descriptor…the tops aren’t boring, but they aren’t loud colors or prints either…or bold designs…there is much to said about thinking and planning…the benefits being better choices and execution.  I’m so over buyers remorse…especially when the return period is up or it is too much trouble to return via mail…

I don’t think my passion for outfits is sinful…but without balance, thinking and planning…and dying to self…I suppose it could spin that way.


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