Confession: Shoulders

Cold vs. Off


Boulder Shoulders…

Enough said…

11 Things

  1. I love off shoulder on others.
  2. I hate off shoulder on me.
  3. I move too much and anything off shoulder NEVER stays in place…
  4. I hate adjusting and re-adjusting in public…off shoulder things always necessitate that.  😐
  5. I need straps or a flat-out strapless.
  6. Cold shoulder is my fave!  Strapless things emphasizes how my shoulders look to me…and requires adjustments too!
  7. Cold shoulder also stays in place.  Cold shoulder is my friend [said like Toby Keith in Red Solo Cup].
  8. Have: 2 cold shoulder dresses [approx.]
  9. Have: several cold shoulder tops
  10. Want: several more of both 🙂
  11. I’m in a re-do the closet kind of mood…need to tamp down on duplicates…I really don’t need more!


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