Style Goal: Quick.

get ready fast
VB for Target

I sure hope this dress looks good on…

  • A huge goal for me is to have items that can be dressed up or down…and the needed shoes/baubles/bags…so I can get ready quickly when I have somewhere to go…
  • Sub-par outfits aren’t an option.
  • I love VB – so – I had to get a few things from her Target line…since I don’t see being able to buy her others 🙂  I hope they work…

If not…this is still the general idea…a great black dress…great black shoes…a stunning black clutch too…

The right pieces will always form good outfits.

–Reminder to Self 🙂

So what is a right piece?


  • flattering
  • at least semi-classic
  • comfortable
  • stylish


  • super-trendy – on a spare this is fine…but a closet full of trends doesn’t make great outfits
  • an outlandish color
  • unflattering
  • gross materials


  • dresses are my fave…
  • lace shift dresses don’t work…the bunch weirdly around my rear even if they’re loose
  • off shoulder isn’t ideal for me either
  • midi unless very form-fitting isn’t for me either
  • button-ups are fine but I have to be in the mood to be bothered
  • I need a GREAT pair of brown boots that I love…I kinda hate both that I have…
  • blush is my favorite pink
  • Banana Republic and Express are my go-to stores…embrace it and live with it…

Think more, buy less.

–Another Reminder to Self


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