Monday Musings…

1may17 jno
At it again…but these prices…


  • No touch to open water bottles for Infant and me…
  • Camo jeggings – greens!
  • Cute mock neck flutter sleeve blouse
  • Boxy hi-lo top
  • Winter boots
  • The above…including
    • One gift – 520v2
    • One windbreaker, a needed item since Infant won’t share 😐
    • Black shoes at <40$ are always a win for me [usually the bolder colors are remaining at low prices]…AND the 730×2 will replace my Nike Bionics, which I LOVE but are no longer made, when they finally finish cracking by the pinky toe
    • Moreover…Infant relieved me of two pairs of Adidas, so I feel like this was most opportune 🙂
  • Pr-ordered – this – I love Shadowhunters!  Cassandra Clare is a fave tho I hadn’t been able to get into her other series  yet.

Arrived as Ordered


  • Embroidered jeans
    • They were skinny jeans…ran small…and looked like a skin affliction…GROSS
  • Pink cotton belted dress
    • Disgustingly unflattering
    • And felt gross to the touch
  • No-show socks
    • Only bought to get the 75$ off of 200$…and since I’m returning other items…why keep them???  Express socks are the worst.



  • I really  need to wear more of what I have…
    • Why are new designs so tempting?
    • I’d like to think it is items I don’t have…
    • It seems shirt size doesn’t fluctuate whereas jean/jegging size does…
  • What can I donate???
    • What am I keeping in case I need it?
    • How likely is ‘in case’?
    • I’m really stuck…hanging on…despite needing to purge!
  • Ready for A Court of Wings and Ruin…coming hopefully at midnight!
    • Team #hateTamlin
    • Also Team #Rhysand
    • 🙂
  • Huge Hey Girl Hey! from the sermon – in my own words – just like eating keeps me alive without my recalling every detail about meals…so does regular sermons in the worship context help me live and thrive spiritually despite not being able to recount every single detail – WORD!  It was perplexing that I couldn’t just randomly recall…I don’t have my mind palace yet…but I notice I am different – still plenty of sanctification to experience lol…but I can see change [aka fruit] if I slow down [difficult for me as I’m chaos] and consider what I was, who I am and my motives for changing.
  • This book is helpful in framing things…those ideas/tasks/whatever that one wrestles with despite being a believer….such as how to really be loving towards my fellow man – in a real way that they perceive as love…
    • I’ve a thing – I hate Compliment Fishers…not the person but the actions of that type of person…I find it annoying when people look to me for what I feel they should be doing themselves…
    • BUT…if I’m to be loving, perhaps I should try to speak their love language…not the compliments they fish for…but something affirming and kind.
    • This is a war with the flesh – since compliment fishing is a HUGE pet peeve of mind…paradigms [really my attitude lol] will have to shift!

Changing everything at once is impossible – I’ve tried…my focus is getting the right stuff in [sermons, scripture, right thinking] – fix the mind and the behavior will follow…otherwise, it is just a succession of random failed battles….and that is disheartening.  My prayer is for Him to put His finger on the thing I’m to deal with – and for Him to help me as I obey!


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