SMC: Green, Denim & Nude

green dress


11 Things

  1. Wanted: a nude bag…this CK bag will do…
  2. Wanted: a Kate Spade winking watch
  3. DK Cashmere Mist comes in a 6.7 ounce bottle!
  4. I love green…this green is the fave.
  5. Wanted: C earrings
  6. Wanted: H earrings
  7. Wanted: 14K gold baubles
  8. Wanted: Cameo earrings
  9. Denim jackets are the best…worthy of an investment.
  10. Lace-ups are fun but tedious.
  11. Despite the ‘wants’ – I have plenty and really need nothing.  They are really just nice to haves…as in, only if I have a great deal!  🙂

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