SMC: Black on Black

or these
which shoe indeed…

As I hope for things to do…lol…lame city woes 🙂

I like the TOMS but I must admit, I don’t love them.

Others rave; I do not.

Marginally comfortable…not always cute in practice as they are in theory when I try to actually wear them as I plan…

Maybe to BSF…Bible Study…mothering events…

I love my INC studded heels so very much, I frequently fight the desire to buy them in blush too.  Decent heel and stunning and very easy to walk in…but self-control!

Wishful thinking but perhaps out for a bit of fun that requires being a tad cuter than pure casual…

I love my Harrows too…but I’m not always in the mood for 3.5″…

Good for rain…and chilly temps…cold buildings are the worst…

I like my Ghillie flats…wish they were a half-size smaller…but better a bit large than a bit small I suppose.

Cute as a button but annoying to lace up and a pain to carefully take off when tired…and if they aren’t tied just right – feels like the ankles are being choked to death.  I haven’t completely mastered doing this without careful thought in the process.

Maybe for events that require walking or standing…

I wish my “grand ideas” worked out more often 🙂 but ideas make getting dressed and out the door far easier and less time consuming…things to check off until I arrive at an outfit that passes muster…and means my room is less of a wreck after!

I find I gravitate towards new versions of the same thing…

Which could mean, some shopping isn’t needful…

Counting the cost and planning makes it easier to close a browser tab mid shopping 🙂

Other things that help are great shows [The Crown is amazing!] and great books [Sarah J. Maas…Cassandra Clare…waiting on new installments with the hugest excitement!]…

However, I need to find a verse…to think on…I find scripture to be the best absolute to combat suspect choices…and for redirects…

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

My closet is not my treasure…useful…even necessary as nakedness in public isn’t all that modest or legal…but my closet is not the thing I prize most…and yet, it may occupy a wee bit too much of my free time, despite how laughably limited it is!

I need a method for keeping outfit idea lists in an orderly indexed or sorted manner…no clue…currently there are post-its that aren’t all that helpful.  Notebooks aren’t helpful either.


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