Core Wardrobe

black and white again

This article is good food for thought.

Assessment Based on the Text

  1. No rouge for me…but I do get looking one’s best in public…
  2. Bauble pursuit is near endless for me…it always spruces up ‘this old thing’ garments
    • they jazz up anything
    • they add variety
    • they add interest
    • they add uniqueness
  3. I try to get a good fit off the rack and avoid tailoring, but I agree, it does make a huge difference
  4. My core wardrobe is:
    • bottoms
      • jeans…black skirt – a-line…tasteful shorts
    • neutral shirts
      • layers too
    • a few shirts in classic prints
      • plaid…leo…stripes…polka dots…florals, sparingly
    • shoes – they make or break an outfit
      • booties…ghillies…OTK boots…adidas
    • dresses
    • toppers – a variety, especially for colder months
      • cardis [LOTS]…denim jacket…belted or dress-shaped flatter most
  5. heels – not a mood booster so much as I feel slimmer lol

As I muse…I have much of what I need…as per that list; though, to that list, I’d add a signature fragrance.  Presently, mine is Cashmere Mist.

Dresses > Pants

Hands down, unless it is cold, I’d rather a dress…pants outfits make getting ready slow and frustrating for me.

Eyes > Cheeks

I only my eyes really…lips with a gloss usually and lipstick on Sundays!

Comfort > Height

I’d love to be the gal elegantly prancing about in sky -high heels – but I hate life in sky-high heels.  2-3.5″ is the max…even in a wedge.  They must be comfortable and non-clunky looking [aka sleek].

My Own Family

Raised by my own set of Southern Belle tendency having women, I grew up hearing:

  • watch how you sit and walk
  • your skirt should NOT resemble a question mark in the back
  • control top stockings
  • slips are a must
  • when buying patterns, check that the print matches across the seam
  • no rough knees or elbows [aka use good lotion liberally!]
  • be mindful of what your clothing conveys
  • if the print isnt visible on both sides – it will fade, you’d do well to select something else [depending on the price, this could be an ultimatum 🙂 ]
  • cover things
  • dress your best for the Lord [i.e. church, we didn’t wear jeans – or pants – ever]
  • act like you’re used to things [lol – big one – and the reason you won’t catch me wearing a ring on every finger…or several statement pieces at once…my garish tendencies have limits!]

Favoring classic styles themselves, Ma and other Maternal Kin never really weighed in on styles chosen or colors, only that it fit, be mostly  modest and age-appropriate, and flatter.

I believe my thick skin, and sometimes cold and unfeeling assessments that give others pause, were both made possible by them.

New lessons from them, as they are all old/er ladies, I’ve learned:

  • style should continue – have fun with it – but don’t be so sad as to dress too young
  • never too old for a fresh tattoo [so long as the doctor hasn’t forbade it]
  • quality shoes and bags
  • a warm neck and warm feet are often enough to be comfortable in a cold place
  • pick the right colors for your complexion
  • embrace the body changes…[this still gives me pause 🙂 ]

Needless to say, I’m super grateful for them.


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