Shopping List – Spring 2017

8 needful
Of the 8 [vice 9 – navy or grey all-season dress was what the list said], I can justify three.
I love reading lists of alleged things every woman needs…not to run out and buy them all BUT to evaluate gaps and get new ideas.  Ideas like:

  • things that should be pressed and ready at all times
  • things worth spending more on
  • modest makers
  • etc., etc., etc.

This article is the most recent to get me thinking…and righting my mind prior to any shopping…practice the pause or whatever…

  1. blazers aren’t my jam…many look horrid on me
  2. I’ve enough dark denim – though I wouldn’t mind a high-rise pair
  3. camel doesn’t flatter me – flesh-toned and only good for shoes and in moderation
  4. I LOVE leopard with my whole heart
  5. I also love stripes
  6. I never feel like I have too many stripes
  7. Chambray is super useful
  8. White button downs require dry cleaning and frequent replacing as they lose the crisp whiteness over time…
  9. I look better in navy than grey
  10. I’d love a SUPER dark, blank back pocket having pair of skinny jeans [or jeggings so long as they zip/button]
  11. Of those three things…the navy all-season dress is the only one that is truly needful as I don’t have one…I do however have two leopard shoes as well as plenty of stripes – thick and thin stripes 😉

A navy shift or swing dress would be ideal – both of those shapes can survive weight gain or loss of 5-10 pounds…even better if I can find one at a great price!

Capped sleeves…

Invisible zipper…

Heavy material that moves well when I walk too.

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