SMC: Kimono & Ripped Jeans

SMC more…less of actual shopping
car·pe di·em
/ˌkärpā ˈdēˌem/
an exclamation 
used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.
Not unlike YOLO, the fools creed – I hate this phrase as in many that say it, it encourages extreme foolishness and rough living; I prefer Carpe Diem 😐 …but the good of it rouses the following thoughts:
  • Time is precious
  • Tomorrow isn’t promised
  • Priorities matter – each moment


  • Stop putting things off
  • Do good things with my time
  • Opt for things with eternal vice temporal value
  • Make goals but always evaluate if they are still needful
  • Savor experiences
    • BE really present
    • Cell phone safely tucked away in my bag
  • Really relax
  • Focus on quality
    • food
    • time with family & friends
    • small things
    • life as it is…vice what I’m working for [still work…but focus and savor the now]

Short Term

  • Find some simple rituals
    • AM  upon rising, beyond the usual ablutions
    • PM to relax without TV, prior to laying down and reading
    • Quiet time with God…PM is best for me…but a short devo in the AM is doable
  • Shop Less
    • Practice gratitude – let go of want
    • Focus on new car
  • Read More
  • Drop 5-10 LBs
    • Eat better
    • Drink more water
    • HIIT and walking
    • Legs & abs until strains heal
    • PM Yoga stretching

Long Term

  • Continue with the above 🙂
  • Really consider what ‘is for me’ and what isn’t…
    • pull-ups for example aren’t 😐 neither is any other overhead pulling…pushing seems to be okay
  • Focused shopping, on well-made keepers
    • classics are worth some expense
    • trends are not
    • only that which flatters and is comfortable
  • Save more
  • Bump 401K savings
  • Use credit strategically and sparingly
  • Consider the life that I’d like to build and make plans
  • Reflect often on how far God has brought me…

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