SMC: Perforated Booties

booties and classic dresses
Work Horses

A great black dress and a great shoe…good for school meetings or social stuff with friends…I try to think ahead to what I might need to get ready quickly for.  I hate when outfits don’t come together quickly and flawlessly.

I think this is the decade where I figure out and remain faithful to silhouettes, brands, fabrics and colors that work best for me…easier said than done.

Good versus Best always is.

marc fisher canopy bootie
Marc Fisher Canopy Booties

I love them – another great reward money purchase…but the narrow heel means being careful how I step [there has already been a slip/tumble]…

Canopy versus the Rag and Bone booties:

Marc Fisher Canopy Booties

  • 🙂 stunning
  • 🙂 light
  • 🙂 brown sole and heel gives interest
  • 🙂 loving that they are suede
  • 😦 require careful navigation and movement
  • 😐 perforating limits to warmer/drier weather

Rag and Bone Margot Booties

  • 🙂 classic
  • 🙂 beautiful
  • 🙂 leather – any weather, any season
  • 😦 heavy
  • 😦 require breaking in,more if leather

I love them both…I am glad they are different colors…I have to check myself when I love things…the instinct is for multiples as items that are lovable are nearly as mythical as unicorns…BUT…multiples aren’t always needful nor do they always add the expected value.

Many times one is enough.


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