Returned: Pink Sandals

Good idea, but the shoe was terrible…even for 40$.  It had an odd balance…I’d need to be a gymnast or yoga expert to manage stability and balance in it…


Wanted -> bold colorful sandal in a classic/sleek design…

Until Then -> I’ve a simple blush sandal that would work in all of these outfits…

I love Marc Fisher, and was super excited to try them…but these were a total fail.  😦

BUT…the outfits can work with different shoes…I see why M has been pushing me to give up black as my default!  And now that I see the light…I can’t find the shoe!

Fail Tally

This (returning BOTH the black and the blue – weird over booty bubble)…thisthisthisthis [above]…this…lots of returning this weekend!

Win Tally

This [in chalk – considering the black even more than before – except I have All Stars that are also black – but not leather – SIGH]…this [in blush and tan]…

Biggest Win

I didn’t buy anything while returning…except food!

I did order these though – for Infant and me…lol…hope they don’t need returning!  I hope these work…waiting on them is such a pain!


  1. more statement headbands
  2. more sweat wicking headbands
  3. dresses with pockets
  4. LV Damier
  5. leather moto
  6. these (pink, I’ve the tan already lol)
  7. new Superstars…Infant stole mine…
  8. more black Knockout leggings
  9. 20″ straight hair extensions 🙂
  10. new bed linens
  11. to finish this book for work 😐

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