Plan: Communicate & Affect


For Me Only

I hate the assumption that one would choose clothes for others.  I know many do…I don’t.

Why is that even still a thing?  It’s stuck in my craw.

Whatever I put on…it’s what I was in the mood for and it sums up exactly what I’m feeling and/or wish to communicate.

Dress for the job you want is the old adage…I dress for what I want in general…clothes are armor…tools…a means to a predefined end.

Style is a heroines tool!  Dress well and make things happen.

–Me, lol

If I think rightly about them…I buy what I need – no more or less…strategy…consistently applied.

11 Things

I need a cohesive plan…each year…perhaps a guiding vision…but pretty things are everywhere…I’ll deal with the budget aspect later…plan and then count the cost.

11 random things about style that I currently ponder:

  1. My style explains or indicates things.
    • In ‘a mood’= comfort.
    • Around annoying people = dress well
    • Joyous = extra.
    • Cold = cozy…I hate being cold
  2. A quick way to tick me off is to attempt to micromanage what I wear.
    • One of the quickest.
    • Consistently…
    • I am NOT the one.
  3. I’m focusing on adaptations that make modesty easier…which means dressing for:
    • my size
    • my shape
    • how I move
  4. Shoes must be:
    • cute
    • comfy
    • practical
    • versatile
  5. I always think I avoid colors and prints…but I don’t.
    • they add interest
    • I get bored rapidly without interest
  6. I tend to buy the same shapes…especially with dresses and shoes…in many of the same colors
    • I’ve enough black but still find new black dresses tempting.
    • I’ve enough jeggings, but there is just something about a new pair.
    • Pointy toe pumps…so redundant in my closet
    • Swing dresses, shifts and sheaths…all faves!
  7. I like bold and/or edgy pops but I do gravitate towards the minimal.
    • bold bags
    • pretty footwear
    • statement necklaces
    • hair extensions
    • minimal
      • design
      • prints
      • solid tasteful colors [neon could only be tolerated in severe moderation]
  8. Accessories are my game changers – outfit modifiers that prevent boredom and stagnation.
    • shoes
    • bags
    • baubles
    • hair things
  9. It’s most cost affective to have less clothing and more modifiers.
    • less clutter
    • less waste
    • less standing around trying to figure out what to wear
    • stewardship is important
  10. I don’t want to look like a cliché frumpy mom.
    • sorry, not sorry…
    • classy  but stylish
    • Infant-approved
  11. I prefer fit-gear outfits that are coordinated. I can’t focus if I hate what I see in the mirror…silly but true.
    • Old Navy High Rise Compression – all black
    • Victoria’s Secret Knockout High Rise – all black
    • some color but only as would complete an outfit
    • coordinating shoes if possible

Failure to Plan is to Plan Failure

When is there ever a time when looking one’s best isn’t needful or useful?

First impressions are manageable.

For me, the only framework/restriction/boundary is the balance of modesty, style and appropriateness.

So what is my plan and vision?  TBD…soon!


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