SMC: Stripes & Destroyed Denim

…I shall not want.  Psalm 23.1


The Lord knows my needs and wants.

I need clothes…and love stripes.

He knows me…and gently leads me things I need to address.

Time to ponder the wanting…

I had a quick mental flash on the way to the gym about covetousness…I was watching a woman walk from an older part of the area…nice, but not as nice as newer parts of the neighborhood.

The flash was ‘may  not covet what you deem as better‘…not everyone wants what they don’t have or feels the comparison of good-better-best – wow.

I think I have something to ponder and confess!  This article was most helpful.

Covet – ‘yearn to possess or have (something).’ as per Google…but also as per the bible, it’s wanting what someone else has…

Why do I feel like I deserve that which I set my eyes on?

Having things isn’t bad…but I should evaluate the why driving them.

Do I need the thing…or just want what I see?

If no need…what is my reason for pursuit?

In truth, I, like may, need very little.

Do I like the thing…or just want one too?

If the latter…in many cases, it shouldn’t be pursued.

Is it the right thing to do with my money/time?

This is the kicker…the one that would pause many purchases…

I have gotten better about being real about what I will wear faithfully versus what will collect dust and then get donated.  That was step one…I think step two is checking my motives.

What’s the real reason…

The closet is curated well…there are few if any gaps/holes.

Life Lessons tend to come unexpectedly…they are also followed by a choice…live in light of what you’ve learned…or continue on the former path…I’ve learned by experience that God will provide…better than I could request in my most well thought out prayer.

At this point, the real question is how much do I trust God to provide?  I don’t have to voraciously search for and/or craft the perfect wardrobe…I’ve seen in past He’ll give beyond what I  need and expect…even in petty things like fashion.

God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.

–Jim Elliot

How I think He will provide is irrelevant and usually ends up being wrong…it’s always the way that gives Him glory and for my good…my role is to wait expectantly and be obedient knowing that He will give…as He chooses.

Note 2 self -> God is the provider…humans are the means.

Trust the Provider, not the means.

No human can stop or slow what He has for me – His will and His timing.

He isn’t limited by the means.


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