SMC: Cold Shoulder Dress



Just Me

I don’t like the idea of hauling out clothes that only work for one season…

It’s a hassle.

I don’t mind putting some obvious things away…but to do mass exchanging?

I think not.

One life, one closet…

What to do?

I still get the seasonal hankering for new items…but generally, I like ones that I can transition between two or more seasons…cue:


Layering extends the life and usefulness…and it prevents being a mundane copy of everyone else who also has the dress, shoes, etc that you just bought.

tees…tanks…cardis…jackets…the occasional blazer…


Shoe Changes

The weather dictates the footwear…I don’t do cold feet.  When the feet are cold…there is no comfort.

booties…on mild days, I love bare legs…but cold feet are the worst…

otk/knee boots on colder days…

flats on mild days or with tights on cooler days…

The Key

Mindfulness is key…it’s easy to get busy and forget my ideas!  I want to do better in leveraging what I have…being a better steward is something I am working through.

Another key is my predilection for neutrals…with pops of color or print…vice having a ton of prints.

These colors…they pair well with each other and actual color…great capsule colors!  Closet extenders!

Wise choices…that is the goal.  Other goals are:

  • flattering pieces that mix and match well
    • with colors already in my closet
    • with pieces already in my closet
    • with colors and pieces in Infant’s closet LOL
  • ease of wear [aka comfort]
  • few, if any, seasonal restrictions
  • not dry clean only if possible
  • not hand wash only if possible
  • not prone to pilling…I hate beady-beads on my clothing
  • modest or modest-capable 🙂

Next – > sort the closet…maybe by color?  Or by type?


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