Gold Baubles

express confession 15mar17
Necklaces fit regardless of weight gains or losses!

Coupon AND reward money…winner-winner!

I try to be prompt with reward money because nothing rubs like expired free money…SHOPTAGR helps me keep my various wish list items in view – for many stores – Express, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, SHOPBOP, etc.

It’s a nice dashboard to save things to be kept in mind and compare/contrast to be sure purchases are the most meaningful…and save the effort of returning poorly thought out failures.

It’s a great tool to delay gratification…practice the pause.  Consider the cost…and watch the price!

That said, I’d had my eye on the Filigree Butterfly…however, the Circle Collar was a whim.

These will even work well for Infant’s Sunday Finery…bold but not ‘too old looking.’

To Pair With…

  1. button ups
  2. v-necks
  3. off shoulder
  4. turtlenecks
  5. cardis with camis

…pretty much anything…

I reach for basics more than anything else…so I prefer, to have fun baubles…a variety of them…fun or bold or classic or even borderline eclectic.

I love it when a deal comes together so beautifully – $4.32!  Not every store has such good rewards…but Express is among the best.  I love them for everyday basics and necklaces…


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