Cuffed NOT Cropped

one return
BR shorts may be my new fave!

I didn’t read the description clearly and relied solely on the photo…personal failing…now I have a return less a fee…and tho I hate the fee…beats keeping pants I hate…and will never wear…

I love cuffing my jeans so ankle shows…but cropped looks like barf on me.

This third decade of life, it is very easy for me to avoid trends and styles that don’t flatter me…at the end of the day – it’s only what works and works well.

Like whoa…

The darker ones are regular length on me [I love being short!]…but the rip is just above my knee so I’m good!  They are SO soft and comfy…very easy to wear…I’m so happy!

Outfit: jeans | grey short-sleeve vee flutter tee | blush sandals (similar)

I can’t wait to try the lighter ones…this week – I think I have somewhere fun to go!  Yay me:

Outfit: jeans | ?top? | blush sandals (similar) or blush studded heels


navy short-sleeve vee flutter tee **

white half-tucked tee

**got several colors because I had a feeling they’d be great!

Nothing beats jeans that feel good…the softer the better.

Hard and stiff jeans suck, hugely.


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