The Telling Tally

br 18apr17
So…this happened…


  • Express things…
  • Dresses and a camo cold shoulder top for Infant.
  • Several BR Factory things…
  • 2 items from Infant’s high school list are there!
  • Macy’s @ 40%
  • The only keeper will be the Coach sneaks if they pass muster.
  • Macy’s @ 50%
  • Yeah….shoes are my jam, what can I say

Upcoming Returns

  • Express
    • camo dress – cute but not great on me
    • super ripped jeans – too ripped for Infant and high school 😐
    • two pairs of ill-fitting fit pants – I mean they really were awful
    • two mediocre fit tops – supposedly long on the model – but not for my figure…and the quality was blah
  • Macy’s
    • 2 pairs of INC heels @ 40%
    • UM times two, 10 more % is worth the effort!!!!!!

Other returns in recent past include ALL of the NYCO dresses…good grief they were awful on me…Big Sis wore one and looked amazing…exact same dress and it was a stunner on her!  Then there were the three of four VB for Target failures…it’s almost like why bother lol…almost.  Trying things teaches me

  • what will work best in future so other things can be skipped…how to re

11 Thoughts….

  1. Despite the number of returns, I still feel Express is my go-to store…
  2. Banana tends to be a good go-to also…the Factory may be my fave as the prices are better.
  3. Infant has about 10 pairs of jeans on her high school list…we’re gonna have to pair that down LOL
  4. I don’t feel bad for making purchases since so much gets returned due to fit or in-person mediocrity
  5. My super shredded jeans from Express are so bomb…as are the black normally shredded ones…OMG…winner, winner – chicken dinner!
  6. Shirt dresses seldom work unless they are belted…but the sack ones don’t work for my shape.
  7. I really need cute but longer tops for wearing my fit pants at sporting events…
  8. I can lean out and still wear most of what I have and am buying…I like food enough that the slim down won’t be that drastic.
  9. Shoes and baubles are my still weakness…
  10. I need a pastel dress…preferably pink…or mint green…maybe the latter!
  11. I don’t really prefer pastels, but there always seems to be a need for one at church.

I have things to do and places to go…I need clothes that support that…sometimes I’m not in the mood for color…many times lol

Do I ditch the color knowing the mood for it will return?  Seems unwise.

Well – given all the returns – I’m still at the same level of incoming 🙂

BUT…less going forward…delete the emails…ignore sales…be careful and prudent in the mall!


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