SMC: Dress, Kimono & Wedges

kimono and dress

I went nuts buying kimonos for layers…

I need to put them to more use…

Initially, my thoughts were to tie colors carefully…but now I think a solid dress of any agreeable color could be a good-enough canvas for the flashy-ness of the kimono.

I do tend to prefer them belted…as they tend to go off-shoulder quick otherwise…I hate adjusting my clothes in public…I’d rather they stay put 🙂

Black Lace from Express

blk exp kimono

This one seems to be one of the easier ones to wear…

Idea: all black…any complimentary solid…black/white combos…black/tan combos

Longer Floral from Express

exp multi floral kimono
The first…fun to wear…but busy.

Black with pinks, blues and white…it’s busy.

Idea: solids so as not to complete with the pattern

maybe a black/white combo…I’d have to be in the mood

Shorter Floral from Express

short kimono
Easy to throw on…with all black.

It’s busy, but not as busy as one with more colors…

Idea: solids…maybe black/white combos…

Longer Palm Print from Express

exp palm kimono
Tags off…but still unworn…

I’ve never worn this one out…I always find a reason to take it off and go another route…

Idea: solids…maybe black/ivory combos or black/pink combos…

but again…it is SO busy…

I love it in the picutre…but so far, my efforts have been failures!

Long Floral from NYCO

Dramatic at 5’2″ ;o)

This one is long and has fringe…it reminds me of Wendy Beauchamp from Witches of East End [herehereherehereherehere – disparities between television and modesty are easily remedied 🙂 ]…liked the show…and the books for the most part.

Idea: solids…it’s just too much to have any other color competing…

my typical garish baubles would be too much too…black only…

And this…Infant’s

infants kimono
She’ll share!  Clearly white top & black jeans for this one 🙂

Time for trial & error and keep a list of ideas!

Uniqueness and interest via layering…


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