Easter & Express

Soooo…all my Easter dress planning and shopping were for naught…I went with a dress I already  had…a rose bud colored cold shouldered frock…and some nude Lucky sandals…all that was lacking was a fascinator…but, a super blinged out headband was good enough 🙂  NOT, that it is about the clothes…but new spring finery is so fun.

I thank God for my pastor…still learning…God blessed that man with a mind and the ability to explain such that I get it…it’s not about me, but I’m grateful when I get it without guessing…no reading between lines…truly, if I have to guess or read between the lines – it’ll be lost on me…every single time…just sayin’ – been me long enough to know my patterns and abilities…the biggest bullets for me were:

  • The joke is on us when we rebel…only emptiness, ruin, anxiety, fear and guilt will be found…
  • When stuff goes on in my life, God isn’t worried, surprised or anything else – He’s got it handled!

Also that weekend…

exp 15apr17

The Victoria Beckham for Target dresses were mostly fails [here, here, and here]…this one tho…I loved!  This one was SO close – but it did something weird in the back above my blueberries 😐

SOOOOO…I’m trying this – in pitch black and celestial blue from Express…they are my go-to for easy sartorial wins…my hope is that my short stature will make the length acceptable!  If not…returns are easy!


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