SMC/Now: Leopard

leopard dress
Which shoe????

I love leopard…but I’m picky…the right browns with black…too much like ocher/mustard and it’s wrong….also, the right sized spots…I don’t love tiny spots.

The print of the dress may be a wee tad garish, but, the classic shape tones it down enough.

The pockets are the best feature of the dress…I love dresses with pockets…LOVE!

Some Sundays I like stately looks – the usual classic polish The Matriarch would approve of…others, I inject a bit more of my essence into them…and I love leopard!

As for the shoe:

  • the lace-up would work…to throw in a trend
  • the bootie would work…to add edge
  • my default would be a sleek pump…to tone the leopard down

Perhaps not going with the default this one time 🙂

I don’t want to be toned down just yet.

I think any necklace will disappear into the print…but that huge butterfly might not?

I’m hoping it will pop just enough without taking over…

Add a studded belt and presto –> a very nontraditional Easter outfit!

So perhaps a black fascinator too…why not?!

Or a very red rose crown!


Easter isn’t about the dress or accoutrements…it’s about a risen Savior…Who paid a debt I couldn’t.  His sacrifice on my behalf assures me of His love and of His continued guidance, care and provision for me – unworthy as I am.  Perhaps not what I envision or work to achieve…but for my ultimate good and His Glory.  Thank You Lord.


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