SMC: Half Tucked Cami & Skirt


Easy as Breathing outfits are my fave.

Inhale – idea…exhale – I have the pieces!

Inhale – get them out…exhale – put them on…

Add a jacket for cool buildings/temps.

Easy is my jam.

Ideas abound all over the internet…many fun and interesting outfits…they are so exciting and inspirational with their layers of color and/or trends…but at the end of the day…I’ve too many things to do, and way too little patience to execute them on a daily basis…whatever it is those ladies have, it isn’t second nature to me and I don’t care to spend the time honing it presently…perhaps on vacation?

I’m also tired of that it thing that gets worn once…and NO matter how tired of them…I’m still guilty of those purchases!

They’re easy…copy the idea from the other girl’s blog…sure the piece could be versatile…but they tend to still be wasted money…because all those alleged ideas dry up or don’t work as well in practice as they did in theory 🙂

What is the lack that causes the disconnect between inspiration and fruition?

  • laziness
  • underestimate figure realities
    • -> not the right idea/trend for my shape
  • overestimate my ability to cope while wearing
    • -> not the right idea/trend for my life
  • wrong interpretation/application of inspiration
    • -> picked the wrong item to bring into my interpretation

Like, I love the Marc Fisher LTD espadrilles/wedges – all of them, but they’re quite possibly too high and wedges aren’t as comfortable as many women will claim…not to me – the flex is wrong, they aren’t super stable for quick efficient steps…BUT they are so cute…what am I to do?  This is just one example…there are also the fun sleeves…the jeans with floral embroidery…E T C!

  1. Buy them and hope for the best?
  2. Find a suitable but similar item?
  3. Lie to myself and act like I don’t still want them?

The best of the three is the second in most cases…but SIGH -> think carefully and don’t shop carelessly.

Every new season means new temptations…

I’ll have to slow down and really think…does this thing even work for me?

Everything works in my mind’s eye – but in practice…is it worth the dollars?

I’d like to redirect my style energy into some serious bible study – but the transition hasn’t really been consistent…I have enough clothes…and watching outfits/etc just feeds the drive to consume…it never ends.

Goal: shop less…read morethink more.


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