SMC: Skirts & Tees

12apr17 br confession
Deals via Banana Republic Factory

I blame the deadlifts and not the snacks for the changing measurements…but since I’m over that phase given an injury…I have tight pants until shrinking happens…SO…cue the above…deals to work in the interim.


Frequent wear = frequent replacing…

Black and white tees are always needed…basics…

Sloan Denim

Sloan slacks rock…I used to favor the Express Editor above all others…but I like how these follow my lines better…especially with heels.

I’ve three others, but these will be a frequent flyer…if they fit.

Sailor Short

IDK how these will fare…but I’ve always wanted a pair!

Justifications know no bounds… 🙂

skirt and tee
Easy Breezy Outfits

Today’s Summation

Great Basics


Great Shoes


Great Baubles


Great Outfits

Reminder to self: stay focused…don’t get distracted by trends.


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