SMC & Shopping: Athleisure

11apr17 exp confession reward money
Reward Money!
Being hot in jeans is THE worst.  Every year I forget…


I love my Infant!

I love watching my baby shine and grow…and pursue goals.  She has really evolved as an athlete.

Capsule Planning

The Issue -> what I’ll wear in the gym isn’t always to my liking for running around town or sitting at the various sporting events…i.e. loud colors are fun in the gym…but far to garish anywhere else!

The Complication -> many people doing laundry means what I want to wear may be unavailable…

The Capsule…Idea

  • 4 bottoms
    • 2 long and 2 cropped
    • They must:
      • be black compression
      • fit well and wick sweat
      • be minimal…mostly
  • 4+ tops
    • sleeveless AND long sleeved
    • 4 will do…but 6-7 would be better 🙂
      • NEEDED, maybe…if there is a deal
    • They must
      • cover my hind quarters
      • not accentuate jiggly things
  • tunic length jacket <- NEEDED
    • It must:
      • neutral or pseudo-neutral
      • fit & flare or follow my shape well with out waist-gaping
      • have a hood

With boots and a tunic/dress – on top of these items – and I’m ready – and in good taste – for pretty much anything my life demands…but that only works in cooler months…BUT, what about Spring/Summer???

11 Things

  1. I love compression.
  2. I love black.
  3. I hate being hot in jeans…
  4. I’m not likely to wear shorts to any event where I am in Mama Capacity…others do it…but that isn’t me.
  5. I am nicer when I like my outfit…so I plan…that is one thing I can do to ensure I am at peace with others…including myself.
  6. Grey fit bottoms show sweat…a lot…so unseemly – sweat should be contained and hidden when possible…I never buy this color…huge deal breaker no matter how cute the pants…
  7. I try not to be in athleisure all the time…but it is functional…meets, amusement parks, and any other outdoor event.
  8. Yoga pants don’t work…for thighs that touch…cotton blends pill 😐
  9. High-rise is the best rise…for me at least.
  10. A good goal would be to have a middle that doesn’t require high-rise 🙂
  11. Carefully chosen pieces…that’s my aim…the pants are easy…the shirts will be much trickier.  The right length, still stylish, and still figure flattering.


  • Stylish but proper polish regardless of needing to be extremely casual.
  • Seriously work on reducing fat…I’ve hung out with these jiggly parts for far too long.  FAR too long.
    • HIIT
    • As much weight lifting as the injury can bear
  • Get serious on improving the nutrition… 😮
    • Focus on veggies I like and finding healthy subs
    • Get recipes from K and D
    • Find a way to be accountable that is really effective
    • Work on reducing sugar – research the acceptable max and go from there [lol]



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