Random Reflections

Shopping Fails

NYCO dresses were a fail…hideous doesn’t even come close to describing how horrible those dresses were.


Items look good in the browser…sometimes not so good on the body…all I can say is we shall see ūüôā

10apr17 exp confession
Mama and Maxi Jeans…and other items!
dsw rewards confession 28mar17
Rewards = Bejeweled Headbands & Socks

Working on…

patience quote


  • Great deals on school clothing
  • Donate more – really pare down…in iterations of course…
  • Find a charity that prevents or helps the victims of human trafficking…maybe both

11 Things

  1. I should just give up on New York & Company save for belts and baubles.
  2. I kinda¬†think I should stick with v-neck…tops and dresses…
  3. Outside brands that I know work, I’m not super impressed with Nordstrom…the Matriarch was right about that…I felt really underwhelmed¬†as I walked around the store…for each cute thing, I could think of something much better at another store…and likely for less money. ¬†Not to mention many of the brands can be found at Marshall’s…so why bother save for ideas and better¬†brands…
  4. Nordstrom marketing/advertising via bloggers¬†is such a great idea…because they style items so¬†skillfully – followers go out and shop…despite the mediocrity¬†of some of the stores brands. ¬†The¬†way the ladies style the items is better than any in-store display could present them…
  5. New Balance makes great shoes. ¬†Seriously comfortable…tho not as visually striking as Nike.
  6. Getting to know people will always give you a new person to pray for…
  7. I wonder if people realize that if it isn’t the God of the Bible, then it is an idol of the imagination…
  8. There are so many Mr. Wrongs¬†[it seems an unending parade of them] who are at least 80% of what Mr. Right should¬†be…so very close, but no cigar…it’d be super seriously super sad if I weren’t [still] thanking God for discernment upfront! ¬†God is so good. ¬†Blessing me with what I need, even though I didn’t think to pray for it…a whole new idea for the phrase my gals and I used in college – “know your role.” ¬†Mine = obey what He’s revealed and leave the rest to Him. ¬†“Lord, reveal him, because you know what I don’t” as one lady said…I prayed it when she said it BUT I think I’ll pray that much more often!
  9. Express Jeans are my fave. ¬†I’m thinking I’ll just stick with what I know and hope they offer styles I want. ¬†Shopping for jeans is the worst. ¬†Why put myself through that torture???
  10. Simple + Statement = my usual Go-To…why deviate?
  11. I rather enjoy wearing bright colors sometimes…perhaps that is an area of my closet that will get more attention.

Random Musings

  • You know you eat out too much when a server says, ‘I always love your outfits.’ LOL…but a kindness that warmed my heart…TY God for kind people with kind words…it never hurts to know you don’t look a hot mess to others!
  • I’m SUPER-DUPER stoked about my VB dresses from Target…hope they are winners…if not…they’ll get returned with efficient swiftness!
  • I am committed to leaning out…at least today I am. ¬†New life, new me right? ¬†Why not make that a fitter me?

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