SMC: Samoas

Perfect for a school dance!

Dresses make life easy; and when at Infant’s school, the following are like maxims to me:

  • I prefer to minimize the appearance of my curves.
  • I prefer comfort for rapid movements.
  • I prefer polish.

The Samoa is FAR more comfortable than the Superstar.  A slick sneaker is needed when there will be hours of quick movements!

Memorializing the 1st Dance I Planned

I was on prom steering committee, but bossy kids and teachers…I chimed in if I felt like it.

I’ve always been all or nothing…all high strung…or all nonchalant.

I don’t really do halves; knowing one’s self is key.

This was a big lesson in balancing delegation and action.  I like things checked off reliably, so I tend to quickly do them myself.  Several things did NOT lend themselves to my usual mode:

  • many  moving parts
  • lack of experience with dances in general
  • lack of expertise in dance related things
  • full-time job, parenting, and bible studies that consume much of my time
  • realization that only a faithful few will actually step up and deliver

I was moody…irritable…quiet and withdrawn…until I prayed…I was still on edge as that is just part of my high-strung personality when I’m in pursuit of finishing tasks, but some of that burden I’d been holding felt lighter…like it was limited to what I could actually do…and the dance was more of a success than I could have prayed for!  Kids, staff, faculty and admin were happy – no drama at all.

I try to do too much in my own strength using my own knowledge & wisdom…which is in fact lacking in wisdom!

I’d read something in a devotional – not rocket science or deep but was still IMMENSELY helpful – that I’d seen a billion times and glossed over -> instead of worrying, pray.  I think I gloss over it in the things I think I can handle on my own…but God never meant me to bear anything alone.  As I follow, He supplies what I need…there is less stress, confusion and drama too.

Stress, confusion, and drama happen – but they aren’t meant to be a way of life.  If it is a way of life – it’s time for some praying, reading of the Word, life evaluation and life changes.

Too much to do is as bad as too little to do.  IMO 🙂

Too little and at best you’re a bad steward of time…at worst, a sitting duck for the schemes of the devil…we will fill our time with something!

Too much and you’re tired and useless to the people you love and care for…the enemy can use this too…making decisions when tired won’t yield optimal results.

I may be on the threshold of too much…but as I see my commitments through, I’ll use this year’s busyness in planning what I volunteer for next year.  Or maybe I’m whining and it is just enough and this is the rough patch before I get used to it… 🙂


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