SMC: Billowy Top & Jeans

Wanted: This Necklace

Billowy tops hide a great multitude of things (Back Fat Betty, Tina the Talking Tummy, etc]!

However, not all billowy tops are created equally…I’m not a fan of crunchy poplin cotton or wrinkly linen…

I like movement and fluidity…gracefully sliding over the figure 🙂

I’m far too hyper for clothes that impede speed and movement -> several tests emerged:

Arm Raise Test

If I raise my arms…will I have to readjust?  Waist belted tops can be good for this if they are fitted.

If I raise my arms, will things be exposed?

Sit Test

When I sit, will I be tugging it down, or will it feel tight, or will it create belly bulge?

Speed Test

If I need to hop up quickly, am I constrained?  Does it alter my gait so that I have to move at a Slow Mo Joe pace?

Readjustment Test

Am I constantly tugging it down, or pulling it up, or making any other adjustment so that it keeps looking right?

Wrinkle Test

Some wrinkles are expected, but does it look crunchy or super wrinkled with normal wear [like left clean laundry in the hamper wrinkled]?

If I can’t walk in it, sit in it, or move quickly in it no thanks…if I requires rigid posture and minimal moving to keep looking right, no thanks…if it is tight or looks lumpy, no thanks…

Looking one’s best is a serious business – no matter how bad of form it is, we are judged by looks first…I tend to get ideas from bloggers, books, shows, Instagram, and Pinterest…

But at the end of the day…some of their heels, high hems, and etc won’t work for me…due to size, height, curves, or modesty.


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