New Sneaks – New Fitness – New Nutrition

JNO confession 29mar17
Why not?!

I feel better about this since Infant now owns my Superstars…

Though at some point I’ll be getting another pair!

They are the best!

She may even get my other pair of my Adidas…we won’t be sharing shoes…ever again.

New rule: never share shoes!  We all have different foot shapes, gaits, weight distribution, etc.

These are good too but for walking, running and general working out – New Balance is a win – especially at this price!

And they are mostly neutral…but no so much that they look like Granny Shoes.

Tho they will NOT be in non-gym outfits!

New fitness focus…not thrilled about it but it’ll be a long-term change until some things heal…new shoes remove some of the sting!

HIIT | TRX | Leg Machines | Body Weight | Goblet Things | Abs

Also…a new effort toward consistently eating better quality foods…

Fruits | Veggies | Non-Cake Items | Healthy Things

Yum 😐  Stay tuned, I’m sure to whine more…


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