SMC: Jeans & Wedges

An easy outfit!  Wanted – letter earrings and aviators!

A Random Conversation with Infant

“Mama, why do you always cuff your jeans?” she said with an emotion that slightly resembled disgust.

Raising my eyebrows at her, I smoothly replied, “because I don’t like my pants growing out of my shoes…a flash of ankle is needed.”

This is us…back and forth commentary that borders on sarcastic…it’s kind of our love language 🙂  We usually end in giggles.  It’s our thing.

Seriously Tho

I’m not sure if it is a petite thing or nah…my girl K is a full 5″ taller and she cuffs too…

One day she will see…uncuffed pants aren’t the thing 😐


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