nyco confessions 31mar17
NYCO can be good for dresses and belts!

The best thing is that while Infant doesn’t have to share, due to my girth in places, but I can share with her…it excites me to see her pull together a polished look…usually when we are going to church – but I’ll take it!

NYCO had fallen off for a bit – bad fit, bad cuts, and bad lengths…I’m more sure of the belts than the dresses 🙂 but I like to try things on at home…so I can pull various shoes and belts into the mix to see how many combos I can come up with!

nyco 31mar17 - belts
To share with Infant – she now knows the value of belting!
nyco 31mar17 - dresses 2
There is always a need for both black and white dresses…and I never have a default white dress…as for the black, it has pockets – great for ushering!
nyco 31mar17 - dresses
Blue for Infant…the other two to try for me…
nyco 31mar17 - misc
UMMMM…why say no to deals like these!

As with all purchases…I’m sure there will be some returning…the last three dresses I ordered from Nordstrom were returned!


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