SMC: Ready in Ten

LOVE the BR Drapey Shorts.

They’ll be cute with ghillie flats or superstars!  They fit like a dream too.  I’m glad I got both applicable colors – black and tan/khaki!

And they don’t look like anything Infant would wear…style that isn’t infantile.

Petites have gotten better…but aren’t a perfect solution…my proportions prevent me being a true petite across the board…height yes, body not always.

Hence, I tend not to trust them and opt for 6R over 8S bottoms…and not at all in tops/coats.

They’ll pair well with, half tucks for the most part:

  • Portofino tops
  • Barcelona tops
  • Cute tees
  • Cute tanks
  • Thin knits
  • [Under borderline too short or see through – i.e. Free People trapeze] Dresses

I wonder if they’d work with OTK books and a thicker sweater in place of a skirt…kind of out there…but if I own it…

At this point, I’m kind of over the things that hug and contour…maybe for an outfit I don’t have to tarry in, but all-day comfort beckons looser garb.

And more importantly, I don’t want my style conflicting with my identity…Whose I am.

It’s a hard thing…some women don’t mind hideous clothes in the name of modesty…I don’t do ugly if avoidable…and it usually IS quite avoidable…

I’m not for owning just 33 things [bit too spartan for me]…but a really adaptable pair of shorts really seems to make the case a bit…I have others I may rid myself of because ease of one pair will always trump wearing the others that require more effort.  Two pair come to mind…that will be donated of become swim cover-ups!

Effortless and laid-back stylish elegance [with or without a bit of edge]…that is the goal.

Armor that allows for casual grace and freedom of movement without looking like it belongs in a gym.


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