Le Sigh: Reward Shopping

A mostly stopped shopping kind of day…

Reward money burns a hole in my pocket…or so it would seem!

The Haul

Can’t waste reward money 🙂 and baubles are never a bad idea 🙂

Outfit Planning

Easy outfits if the shorts fit 🙂

Some days I want a dress…others I want sleek bottoms with cute tops…

Sleek bottoms can be paired with whatever style top I ‘feel’ for the day…

Classic, bohemian, edgy, etc.

I want to track these things…my purchases and what I was thinking/feeling/planning at the time.

Thinking: get versatile items that fill holes

Statement necklaces are always a good idea…

I like that the shorts are such a blank canvas…and that they aren’t tight…

I’m over tight…I’m over fitted [perhaps momentarily]

Feeling: excited to have new rewards

Figured I would exceed the reward a wee tad…

Planning: easy polish for summer days

Running shorts don’t flatter…Express shorts tend to be shorter than I feel at ease in…except the Editor…


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