Revolve: 2 Dresses

I try to limit my shopping to deals on versatile items only.  There is almost always a deal too.

SO…I’m on a dress kick…

Honestly, IDK why I ever got off of the dress kick…they look better & are easier.  I love dresses!


J’aime les robes.

I’d say I have enough and don’t need to shop…but I like variety and don’t like repetition!

Some things to ponder as I rethink my life:

  • equal comfort and style
  • create new outfits with existing things I’m bored with
  • style that won’t conflict with my testimony

Style Vice Spending

Some spending, but less…far less.

Hara Estroff Marano:

In place of style we have honored merchandise.  Clothes.  Style, on the other hand, doesn’t demand a credit card.  It prospers on courage and creativity.

Our wardrobe is our visual vocabulary.  Style is our distinctive pattern of speech, our individual poetry.

Fashion is about clothes and their relationship to the moment.  Style is about you and your relationship to yourself.  Fashion is in the clothes.  Style is in the wearer.  The distinction could not be more revealing.

Fashion is to the moment as style is to me, the wearer.  Sounds like SAT questions.  🙂

YIKES!  Kind of screams several things at once…

shortsightedness…impulsivité…seeking of the easy route…idolatry

My clothes aren’t just my armor for battle…they are part of my expression…my words without speaking.  I  need some filters – new questions for shopping:

  1. What words does it convey?
  2. Is it a moment thing or a lifetime thing?
  3. Does my motive reveal some idolatry that I  need to repent of?
  4. Will it damage my testimony?

The Only Constant is Change


Stacy London:

The reason [style] is such a great tool is such a great anecdote.  Because you do see it.  It is visible.  But when you see a very fast change and visceral change in yourself.  Once you see that that’s possible you begin to wonder what else is possible.

By changing what you see is the first step in changing what you believe.

Perhaps I will never get and stay one way…always changing based on what I presently am…and that makes more sense as I think about it…I’m growth oriented…always looking for ways to improve…better ways to be me.

Life changes usually come with style changes…and life changes happen in iterations…

I must be starting a new iteration?

Note 2 self -> don’t ditch the jeggings and leggings just yet…

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