Self Diagnosis: Sartorially Crazy

I’m getting that wedge.  The end.

I can’t decide – I’m really baffled…

Am I more one or the other:

  • Sleek and Minimal with a Pop or Some Edge
  • A Bit Bohemian

They are nothing alike really…pieces can be mixed and matched…but in general, they are two extremes.  I crave them both.

I want to have a uniform…

I really do…but maybe I need several?  I like the idea of easy go-to looks…

Maybe I’m one that won’t be pinned into just one style?  One style feels like being trapped in a box too small.

In the words of Lydia Deets from Beetlejuice, I myself am strange and unusual…lol…though in my own way!

A slick git once said ‘you really come alive in the summer‘ – and it’s no less true because the person who said it sucked.  🙂  I’d never given it much thought – not even after he said it.

I feel most like myself when my outfit is just right…

Dressing when it is warm is easy…stow a jacket or cardi in case a building is cold but bare legs, cute sandals/flats and fun dresses…

Winter…not so  much.

I guess the action item is to find ways to bring that same warmth, color and excitement into cooler months…Or just have uniform by season?

I like the idea of a uniform, but I am finding can’t stick to it…it feels like a very heavy yoke.  Foreign.  Uncomfortable.  Unattainable.  Yucky.  😐

I don’t want to be the one who has to completely change our her closet because nothing is versatile…happy mediums are so challenging… 😐

I conclude…

Why do I have to pick just one…

  • When it is cold -> I lean toward sleek and minimal
  • When it is warmer -> I lean toward color and a few prints
  • I also lean more toward dresses than pants
  • I love my neutrals but sometimes I need a print or color [only those that flatter]
  • I love bohemian best when I have extensions…

Uniform by season, hair and mood <- final answer 🙂


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