3X & a Surprise

nord 3x 22mar17


I try to seize opportunities…requires planning and waiting…neither fun activities…but necessary.  I finally ran out of my Cashmere Mist…I like this one most…followed by Euphoria.

Also would like to try:

  • Jimmy Choo
  • Flower Bomb
  • Coco Mademoiselle


Easter tokens -> Rose Salve -> bomb dot com…seems to last forever AND is great on the lips or for a rough cuticle in a pinch.

To be paired with candy in cute bags.


Dresses…I’m over pants…and sheaths…

Infant and me!

And This

I don’t love cross body bags when I’m busy…uncomfortable little hassles as far as I am concerned…neither do I like having a bag on my shoulder or in my hand…a cute but sleek & classic backpack was on my list…why not now?

I’ve silver bows – and they are great…just enough without being boring…why not gold too?

kate 21mar17
Loooooove a surprise sale 🙂



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