SMC: Motive

I know Whose I am.  My jeans don’t have the top rip 🙂


  • Study on Ruth
  • Comparison of Ruth [and the Proverbs 31 Woman] with the Harlot in Proverbs 7.

Information that really WOWED me

A woman to avoid versus the one to love.

The Woman in the Warning

The modern-day video vixen type…using they physical to attract…clothes of harlot is what we’d call sexy in 2017…YIKES!  How many people aim for that when they pick their clothes?!  Pick up any magazine and that is the word you see most.  I would never have compared harlot and sexy.  [My thinking was ladylike, sexy, harlot…lol]

The teacher said loose women are a dime a dozen…how did it become the thing to want to be common?

And worse…men drawn to this lack proper masculinity!  Who wants that for in a spouse?!  Doomed from the beginning.

Ruth, and the The Virtuous Woman

Royalty…wealthy character…behavior that is lovely and demonstrates moral excellence.

She attracted with her character.  As should the believer.

Thinking it through…

Blatant flesh-peddling has never really been my thing but my preference has always been more about my distaste for it and less about having vivid imagery as to how God sees it.

  • It isn’t a small thing, something to be flippant about…it’s a big deal.
  • I think the basis for my  preference needs updating.
  • I thank God I am not naturally prone to being overtly sexy…that is another example to me of His grace because the culture slams us all with that.  All the time.

I know my worth…my identity…and carry try to myself that way…but there is always room for improvement!

  • It isn’t in how I dress…the makeup I choose to wear…or any externals.
  • It is internal…my faith in Christ…how I grow closer to Him…bear His image more in everyday living…

Externals are easier -> buy new clothes…it’s an effort to weigh what various fashions communicate…and that varies by body type/shape…but it is far easier and quicker than developing godly character.  But it is also the very definition of being fake.  I want my insides and outsides to match 🙂

It’s work to find alternatives to trends that would discredit/weaken my testimony.  But in the end, the walk must match the talk…

It’s dishonoring to God if I study and attend bible studies or worship services if I won’t live it out 🙂

There is always room for improvement too -> muse on modesty more.


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