Heels & Tops

dsw confession 11mar17
Swapped three HORRID wedges for these!  Net -$4.11 and a free yoga mat and bag…NO money spent! Yellow stickers mean 80% off!  And they let me use my coupons on clearance items!  WINNER-WINNER!

This is my confession [sang like Usher]

Clearly I’ve been sleeping on DSW – but in the past, it was more miss than hit.

I think the above is a good little shoe capsule…classic colors in mostly classic styles.

I wanted a cute block heel for ushering…but hadn’t found a deal to make it happen…

I was going to return some shoes anyway…so why not try to find a wedge and anything else…no new money spent, right?  Right!

This was  a fruitful mother & daughter adventure!  And I didn’t have to drive!

Lessons Learned


Steve Madden NEVER works for me …not in past and not now.

  • SM knocks off more expensive shoes well
  • But the construction tends to suck – hugely in terms of both fit and comfort
  • I need to stop considering them at all…

Tried & Failed

Thesethesethesethese [in a tan suede]…thesethesethese

The myriad of reasons includes:

  • too wide
  • too short
  • too juicy around the ankle


  • Aldo seems to be a brand I should carefully consider
    • Not always great but occasionally they have some real winners
    • These two make for a burgeoning collection of three 🙂
  • Via Spiga is the bomb-dot-com
    • I’ve a coat – which I love
    • Now I’ve a pair of heels
    • Classic with a twist
  • Lucky can be hit or miss…but they have great casual shoes
    • I’ll keep my eye on them
    • They have great styles for everyday wear
    • This wedge…a pair of strappy sandals pictured above…

All that being said, slim feet are <still> hard to shop for…try everything on!

Shopping online for shoes is fraught with the possibility of returns…I like that with Nordstrom, returns are free…and don’t require me to head out to a store to avoid a fee!

express confession 13mar17
Express is my store…when I get a deal 🙂

I can pair these with jeans, skirts, shorts…maybe even over a dress [i.e. black hi-lo dress].

Outfit Planning

Lucky Espadrilles

I wanted a pair of espadrilles…cute & comfy…that were versatile…I still lightweight want the Marc Fisher LTD ones, but I can wait a bit for those…I’m trying to be more reasonable on what I spend on shoes…

  • denim off shoulder dress from Express
  • dark blush cold shoulder dress from Express
  • cuffed light jeggings, white FP top
  • dresses from BR [teal and brick]
  • tan shorts from BR
  • navy shorts from BR

Lucky <plain> Sandals

Not quite my perfect nude shade/hue – even after months of covered feet…but good enough…

  • jeggings, half-tucked tee
  • jeggings, button up
  • cuffed destroyed jeggings, half-tucked something
  • flare jeans, [what top???]

Not sure about dresses, but I plan to try!

Aldo Block Heels

I used to not do multiples, but for a great price and a shoe that is near perfect for many life events…I make exceptions to my rather strict rules.  I think the block heels will enable me to get more wear from them…


  • black dresses
  • black slacks
  • grey slacks
  • grey zip jeggings


  • colorful dresses
  • jeggings, any top
  • all black

Via Spiga Heels

Higher than my norm, but walkable for Sundays…I’m thinking…

  • sheaths
    • all black
    • black and blue CK
  • maybe an a-line dress
  • swing dresses for sure…
  • black Nine West dress…maybe even the red one too


I didn’t spend any new money on the shoes…so I don’t feel too bad…and at the end of the day – it’s still trial and error for what works well in my life.

I do know one thing…ugly shoes make ugly outfits…the shoes and baubles are what differentiate for me.

As for the Express tops…I had some similar ones in the past that I should have kept… 😐

I feel pretty good that I just got those two and nothing else!

And because I had 25$ in rewards, I got these…I’ve a cognac/whiskey/tan pair of perforated booties…wanted black too…not Rag & Bone, but a nice substitute – and they’re suede – wanted suede booties too – two birds, 1 black and 1 suede, one stone!

I need to get serious about a few more donations…I feel a bit like a fire-breathing dragon hoarding treasures 🙂

Modesty Note

I feel like I am modest enough…for my age…for my roles in life…especially in comparison to others…but I suppose comparisons aren’t the point…I’ll always wear my skinny jeans and jeggings until I get tired of them…they flatter me best IMO…I can add longer shirts – belted or half tucked…

Given the nature of fashion and that modesty isn’t super popular…that means less shopping for clothes/dresses as much of what is offered is too tight or too short or too low-cut for my figure…it gets really redundant…

I can however have fun with my shoes…and my baubles.

But the thing that sticks in my craw is that well-meaning men get on the soap box regarding modest dressing for women but completely leave out the fact that men need to take their thoughts captive…a lusty man will lust…the end.

It’s been my lot in life to dress decently/tastefully…Southern Baptists tend to raise their girls that way…to be covered up appropriately and still feel the leers that I vehemently ignore…it’s supremely unpleasant.  Not flattering.  Super disgusting.

Fabric moves…and if you a walk…it really moves…skims the body’s curves and fluidly glides over them.

I have that walk.  It’s not manufactured…it’s my natural gait.  I try to tone it down, but that requires more thought than I give to walking…my gait is fine…men with nasty minds are the issue.

Unbelted burlap would look racy to a man who isn’t taking his thoughts captive…

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist or a non-feminist, I’m just me…but I’ll not be blamed for someone else’s failings.

However, that being said…my aim is always to make sure I honor God in all I do…so much as it depends on me, I’ll do what is needed for peace…which is dressing for the event I’m attending…I’ll keep to my preferred type of modesty most of the time…but I can take it up a notch for church and church related events…

I was raised that way anyway -> to give your best to God…and in truth, though I doll them up in some great outfits [IMO LOL 🙂 ], skinny jeans and jeggings aren’t my best.



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