SMC: A Blazer?

Infant is taller, I assert my mama-ship with my clothes, makeup, and heels.  😉

I’ve blazers, but I don’t wear them often.  I feel like they [wrongly] emphasize my shoulders.  However, they do add polish in a way my biker/moto jackets don’t.  🙂

In speaking with my gal M…as she goes through her donations, she’s earmarked a blazer for me.  Yay me!  Never too good for hand-me-downs from a Stylish Chica!

We spur each other on toward good deeds [verse here]!  It’s a blessing to have someone like-minded to hold me accountable.  I see why believers are exhorted to have godly friends…they already know how you need to live…and it is fun/easy/rewarding/etc to live right in concert with others.  Rubbing shoulders with people who live loosely however makes it even harder than it naturally is…age teaches many things!  🙂

I am, however, curious if I can get these boulder shoulders in it!  🙂

Lord willing by then, I’ll be a bit more fit!

Knowing her, it will likely be more on trend than those I have.  I love a classic blazer with clean lines that has the blank canvas feel, but sometimes non-classic is more fun.


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