SMC: Cheetah Wedges

Hello Love!  You match what I wear most.

My rules for shoe purchases these days are that they:

  • look good
  • pull together an outfit
  • are easy to wear.

Not in that order per se…hard to wear IS the biggest deal breaker but they are otherwise equal.

My rules:

  1. help me to carefully consider comfort and my own preferences
  2. help me to be sure that I will wear them well and often
  3. impose logic that limits impulse purchases

With that being said -> mall returns sometimes mean shopping…

A $90 TOMS wedge for $40 that I’ve been wanting…

…warrants at least trying it on 🙂

I’d heard good things, so I’d been keeping them on my radar of things to test when the price dropped [Nordstrom has dropped bas $70ish -> um no 😐 ].  My stylist wears them…and if they stand the test of a lady on her feet all day…that bears noting.

It runs small tho…makes me feel like my feet are big 🙂 but they are cute enough that I got over that quickly…and they add the kind of pop, that I love, for otherwise uniform clothing.

Confession: I have a similar looking flat pair of leopard Oxford shoes that I will be keeping!

Leopard is both neutral and a classic.  Oxford shoes are also classics!

I normally don’t prefer cheetah…like ever…leopard is my thing, the bigger spots appeal more…but these, there was something about them.  It didn’t hurt that another sales-girl was wearing them with clothes like mine 🙂


I’d also wear them on a Sunday I wasn’t in the mood for excessive finery 😉

I think they make a nice addition.  🙂

Even better, my best gal M, who is very aware of my severe need to STOP shopping,  approved!

I saw other things on sale but left them for other ladies possibly needing a quick pick-me-up closet addition!  #self-control right?

Not Shopping Update:

  • I can say that I have been more thoughtful about purchases.
  • I’ve focused on mostly needful things.
    • jeans
    • comfy non-sneaker
    • gym gear
  • AND, when it wasn’t exactly needful, it has been smaller less clutter-making things.
    • statement necklace
    • booties
    • hair accessories
  • I’ve also been more prompt in making returns…even on items that are so inexpensive that it almost isn’t worth it.
  • I’ve also been closing more browser windows without purchase!
  • I’ve been weighing, mentally, what I do and what I shouldn’t in order to save more [car upgrades are stressful…I loathe and detest car payments but repairs are making it look like the wiser choice]…WORK IN PROGRESS… 😐
  • I’ve also regularly been donating excess.  I make it a weekly practice to see what I don’t really need to keep.  It evolves because trying to do it in one pass is stressful and leads to giving far less over time.

I thank God for these wins…and His patience when I wasn’t winning 🙂

It used to be, if I saw it and wanted it, then I got it.

I don’t live there anymore!


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