SMC: Classics


There is always a list of what you simply must have…I think the authors mean well…but in my case, not so much.

I like checking things off – so naturally checking off means shopping.  Also – some stuff just doesn’t make sense for my life…a cocktail dress…if I need one, I’ll shop!

Today, I noticed, I’m pretty good on classics…I really need nothing.  I need to be grateful for what the Lord has allowed me to amass.

Pretty set with this list…just by the nature of my taste…this author [picture below is from them too – don’t recall the site 😦 ] clearly has taste similar to mine.  I wouldn’t mind those Ferragamo heels…or some fancy shades [VB please!]…and some very pointy leopard pumps.  NO to the blue pumps, the red mule, shades with nose pads, and combat boots.
I love all these things…but a blue blazer – NO.  A suit – also NO.  Classic but chunky knits – also NO.  I would however like a smaller red satchel and a fancy silk scarf!
All good things I’m sure…but most of this doesn’t even appeal to me.  I have the checked items…and see no need for any of the rest.  I think the compiled a Must Have list from current stock for sale :\
I’ll always be wanting something.  Time to say no to pretty things.

Note 2 self -> your closet is good – buy nothing!


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