SMC: More Black & White


I think it has always been more about not liking to be told what to do…I confess it as rebellion & defiance.  Lord please forgive me.  Several things I’ve noticed about rebellion & defiance:

  • it doesn’t stay contained to one thing…
    • it’s greedy…
  • it’s like a drug…
    • it grows in intensity…

And this rebellion…dumb…I like black and white…I prefer neutrals…for many reasons…

  • more versatile
    • hence more bang for my buck
  • easier to make outfits
    • hence less time to get ready
  • easier to look crisp and pulled together
    • great in a professional setting
    • great for making an impression without looking overly done
    • best choice when many people must dress uniformly
  • black with white isn’t a passing trend
    • i.e. every Must Have list has black items and white items on it
      • White button up
      • Black slacks
      • Black dress
      • Black bag
      • ETC!
6 things, some gloss, and I’m polished!
All neutrals…each piece could easily be interchanged with others.
Why not wear more black and white?!



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