The General Idea

Somehow I’ve forgotten my former ability to take my own idea from an inspiration image.

It could be anything…

  • color/combination
  • cut
  • shape
  • true style idea
  • etc.

Copying is lazy…sure imitation is a sincere form of flattery if one likes clichés…I hope never to be a cliché 😐

…it’s the easy way out…the other lady already did the thinking for me [unless she copied too lol]

Doesn’t need to be designer!

I’d like to pair coral and nude…or blush and nude…or salmon pink [skee-wee 🙂 ] and nude.

Doesn’t have to be exact!

I don’t wear slacks…so why buy light blue ones?  Not to mention they’d make me look HUGE.  Light jeans however with a red sweater…that is possible!

It is more about the general idea…

Bell sleeves…nope…don’t need the extra material flapping around my hips…but any other sleeve would do…cute booties and simple accessories and BAM, I’ve a similar outfit to the one I admired!

…than it is about finding the exact item.

Note 2 self -> Ponder more…

  • what do I own that is similar?
    • shape
    • color/print
    • style
    • texture
  • what is it that I am drawn to?
  • what is the best way to capture the look and make it my own?
In many cases, I own the things to come  up with an outfit tha will suit my needs and capture the idea from the inspiration image.


  • cross necklace
  • new studs – Swarovski
  • new watch – fit to handle less than delicate care!
  • nude strappy sandal – try for best fit and comfort!
  • red leather Dooney
  • new wedge – Loeffler Randall!

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