Je veux et je dois.

Can’t have it all…not and be fiscally responsible.  All 3 were cheaper than the Marc Fisher ones I wanted…small wins!
I foresee taking back the colors that aren’t flattering…or all if they don’t fit/feel good on my feet.
Hair accessories and no show liner socks are necessities!

I was SO tempted to get the two higher ones also…but thank God for sisters who tell me when I’m being nuts!  Nuts or indecisive?

  • I will try them on with things…physically…
    • Free People dresses
    • Jeans and cute tops
    • Express dresses
    • Banana dresses
  • I will walk a bit in them in the house…
  • I PROMPTLY will return them if they aren’t perfect.

In truth…shoes that slow me down tend to get annoying and less wears…so why would I want the higher ones?  I love shoes…and options…and coupons!

DSW Promo Code – SPRING2017 🙂  10 off 25…20 off 99…40 of 199

Time to chill on warm weather shopping…warm weather shoe capsule complete-ish:

  • booties
  • wedges
  • sneaks
  • ghillies
  • sandals

Note to self -> read more books and shop less!



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